We’re engineers and we live in a land of ice and snow. When it comes to winter testing, we know our business. Based in Ivalo, Northern Finland, we specialise in vehicle, tyre and component testing. We also do product testing and type approvals. Our two proving grounds and our headquarters are located in Ivalo.

If you want the best for your tests, check availability now. If there is anything you want to ask, be in touch – see you in Lapland!

Snow testing season continues in TEST WORLD INDOOR 1 and 2 from March until December each year!

Acceleration and braking on both snow and Ice in Indoor 1

Indoor 1 and Indoor 2 in June 2015

Indoor 1 and Indoor 2 in March 2015



"We are satisfied with the test tracks and perfect support with Test World team. For us the biggest advantage is that we can test a lot of tyres in short period of time on different tracks."
- Jörg Burghardt, Tyre Development, AUDI AG

"I have been doing winter testing on Test World’s proving grounds in cooperation with many companies since the 1990's. The grounds have always been very well maintained, enabling tests to be performed under the best possible conditions. The Test World team is experienced, flexible and focused on satisfying their customers. I am looking forward to visiting Ivalo again.
-Werner Kather, WeCa Testing Service

"Since about two decades we rely on Test World for the professional preparation of snow/ice tracks to develop/test our tires under Nordic conditions. Happy about the friendly atmosphere and helpful support, we will be glad to return again next winter period. Thanks to all the Test World team"
- Jacques Schouten, Chief engineer - Product Evaluation - Track Testing, Goodyear Innovation Center Luxemburg